The “Goods unit” facilitates the process of offering aid kits for refugees.

The team receives requests for food, hygiene, children or pets products from the platform. Subsequently, it sends messages to refugees about the day when they can pick up the package from the Moldova-Film warehouse. Each person can request help again in 10 days.

Every day, a team of seven takes about 300 requests. At the moment, two people from Ukraine are also employed.

The activity is mainly focused on Chisinau and some neighboring localities. However, we also identify organizations or public institutions in the regions, in order to fulfill some requests from outside the capital.

For a good functioning of the process, feedback questionnaires are made from the beneficiaries. At present, more than ⅔ of them consider the aid received to be sufficient.

By June 2022, more than 40,000 packages had been distributed through