Community Center

Community Center 151 (CC151) is a safe and inclusive space for women, children, young people from the local community and refugees who are in a temporary situation of vulnerability.

CC 151 is a place where any visitor will feel safe and benefit from a variety of services, courses, trainings, social events, as well as useful information on external opportunities. 

The center was opened on June 20, 2022, in Chisinau, with the support of UNHCR, and is the first community center of this kind in Moldova. The Center’s team organizes events based on the real needs of the visitors, and facilitates the socialization and integration of the beneficiaries into the local community. 

The mission of the Center

Creating a friendly and safe space that offers equal opportunities for involvement, development and integration of women, children, youth, young women from the local community and refugees, who are in a temporary situation of vulnerability.

The values ​​of the Community Center:

integration • transparency and trust • unity in diversity • support • openness.











Main objectives:

  1. Increasing the level of well-being for visitors to the Community Center;
  2. Enhancing cooperation between communities in situations of temporary vulnerability, and/or disadvantaged communities.
  3. Increasing the capacities for women, children and youth, including refugees, in situations of temporary vulnerability, and/or disadvantaged communities.
  4. Strengthening the resilience of women, children and young people from the local community and refugees in crisis situations;
  5. Developing a replica model of the Community Center to be used throughout the country.

Our work is focused on several directions, guided by the needs and requests of our beneficiaries: service support • integration activities • capacity building• institutional development.



The center’s team consists of 35 people, many of them being former volunteers of the “Moldova for Peace” initiative. Members of our team also include activists of the civic society and specialists, including from Ukraine, from various humanitarian fields, contributing with their knowledge, expertise and experience in the development of the Center’s activities. 



BlueDot. The Community Center hosts the eighth Blue Dot in Moldova, which is an information and counseling space for women, children, young men and women from Ukraine, but also from the local community, opened by UNHCR. At the Blue Dot, refugees are offered legal and psychological support. These services are carried out within the Community Center, as well as online, if necessary, with a prior appointment.

While the mothers benefit from psychological or legal support, children have the opportunity to play under the supervision of the nanny in the Playroom, a room set up specifically for them. The playroom also offers mothers an intimate and equipped space for breastfeeding and caring for the baby.

For a visit, you can register in advance, or receive a consultation at the following  phone numbers: +373 (68) 210 811; +373 (68) 001 050; +373 (68) 581 401.

Blue Dot is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

Space for information. Beneficiaries of the Center have at their disposal a library, which offers a space for reading and Internet usage.The library is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. You can book your place in advance by phone: +373(68) 373 874.

Daily Activities

The activities carried out at the Community Center focus on increasing the capacities of the beneficiaries, so that they feel integrated in the community and acquire new skills. Children and adults are able to participate in different activities free of charge, usually taking place in the second part of the day, after school and after working hours.

Therefore, women, children and young people have the opportunity to attend Romanian, English and Ukrainian language courses, but also various workshops, such as robotics workshops, 3D modeling, DJ-ing workshops, embroidery, pilates sessions, board games, chess lessons, urban gardening, and other interesting workshops.



In addition to daily activities and services offered, the Community Center also hosts recreational, cultural and entertainment events, including: movie nights, socializing and networking events, dedicated to International days and holidays.


Community organized events 

The Center’s team encourages and offers help in carrying out social and cultural activities and events organized by beneficiaries and/or local organizations that aligns with our values and contributed to the development of the Community Center.

To organize an event at the Community Center, please call +373(68) 373 874, or email:


Details about the activities at the Center:

If you would like to be part of our community and learn about all the activities and opportunities available at the Community Center 151, join our social mediapages online:

Telegram Instagram Facebook.  We can all spend quality time together. 


Photo Gallery

Below you can see a selection of photos from some of the most interesting events organized in 2022: movie nights, DJ-ing workshop, interactive workshop for children “Treasure Island”, “Hello August!” event, National Independence Day Ukraine, “Red Noses” Clown Entertainment Workshops, International Day Against Human Trafficking event.

Community Center 151A safe and inclusive space for women and children.